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If you're considering having new wooden fencing installed, Renovate Right is the "right" place for you. We're the Franklin Square remodeling experts who can make it all come together so that even the outside of your home has a balance.

We often don't associate remodeling with our exteriors, but the term is synonymous with both the interior and the exterior. Exterior add-ons such as patios, fencing, and walkways can be professionally created.

Outdoor construction is made to keep your home area safe. Take a walkways for example. They are a designated path for family and visitors. Without one, delivery people and others who try and find your front door after the sun goes can damage your favorite plants or shrubs.

Don't let the grass you've tried so hard to keep up with become trampled down in less time that it took you to grow it. Protect it and your home by having exterior work done. Sometimes a fence and patio can be the solution.

Franklin Square Bathroom Remodeling

Franklin Square bathroom remodeling will take that sinking ship of a room and turn it into something more unbelievable. We're able to deliver exceptional bathroom work in exchange for your time and at reasonable prices.

Why treat your bathroom many differently from the rest of your home? If you're not using an outhouse as a bathroom ,then call us for upgrades and let us make major changes to it. We'll always offer you a variety of options such as color schemes and textures.

Creating a new look for the bathroom will make you proud every time that you use it. We can make changes to the plumbing, do a tub/shower conversion, or even change out your single sink for a double.

Franklin Square Kitchen Remodeling

Our Franklin Square kitchen remodeling experts understand how much your kitchen means to you and want to make every effort to make you love it still. By that we mean to remodel it. For years we have been taking ugly kitchens and turning them beautiful. We do this by:

  • Installing custom options
  • Modern appliance installations
  • Energy saving appliances

It's your kitchen so it's your choice of what you want in it. We are professionals, so we can tell you that when we install something that it's going to be full-proof. We'll make sure of it before we leave your home.

Calling a Franklin Square remodeling contractor like us will invite you to see your home a lot differently. We cover up old looking kitchens and bathrooms enhancing their style by adding on modern upgrades.

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