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Located in the northwest corner of Hempstead, Brooklyn New York is within . It’s located along the county border with the borough of Queens in New York City. Brooklyn is an area that was founded originally as a community rich in agriculture during the mid-17th century. During the Revolutionary War, it was the regional center of activity with many coming to the area in following years.

At Renovate Right NY, our remodeling contractors and renovators work all over our area in New York, mostly in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our Brooklyn remodeling contractors have helped restore many homes, helping homeowners with quality renovations with careful attention to older home structures. Restoring historic or old homes to a magnificent state has been our specialty for many years.

Brooklyn Older And Historic Building Renovations

There are many structures in Brooklyn that are historic or older and have been renovated, but many have not yet seen the hand of recent change. Places to visit include the Culper Spy Ring and The Battle of Setauket locations.

Older homes and commercial buildings in our area have gone through renovations and changes throughout the years, and we’ve done many renovations in the area changing old properties into award winning homes.

On older homes, the windows are one of the worst areas that cause problems. They won’t shut right any longer, leak in huge amounts of outdoor dust and pollution, and leak out huge amounts of our climate controlled air.

Window Replacements in Brooklyn

Whether you own commercial or residential property, your windows could be your main cause for high energy bills. Another area of concern is your exterior doors.

Energy is constantly escaping through the windows of our homes. Drafty old windows do little to protect our indoor climate from the outdoor weather. Suffering the cold due to old windows that leak only drives your energy bills up and cause you discomfort.

Not only can energy escape through cracks and uneven surfaces of an old window, but insects will enter through these areas. In fact, insects find the warmth in your home very inviting!

Even if your home is newer, say built in the last ten years, the double pane glass standard windows still leak an incredible amount of energy when compared to the standard windows being manufactured today. Yet you can get higher quality windows now that blow any standard window out of the water.

It’s time to replace your old windows with new energy efficient windows from our expert renovators here at Renovate Right!

Today’s energy efficient window can save you a lot of money but can also add to the resale value of your home! You have so many options to choose from both in type and style. You can generally recover up to 90% of the replacement cost in possible tax savings, equity value, and energy bills. All it takes is to get started on the project and soon you’ll be pocketing that extra money, not sending it off to the utility company!


Brooklyn, NY

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