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Baldwin Harbor is a hamlet located within the town of Hempstead in New York. On the Atlantic coastal region, it is known to be a great place to live and raise a family, with low crime rates and good schools. As of 2010, the population was counted at 8,102.*

Within Hempstead, there are twenty-two incorporated villages either completely in or partially in the town. Since the area was first settled in 1644, many homes were built and have been renovated. Some of the old structures still exist, and many stand strong throughout the ages.

At Renovate Right NY, our Babylon remodeling contractors has been providing expert renovations and remodeling services to the area since 1984. We’ve taken many old homes in the area and restored them into beautiful homes.

One of the measures of our success has been in listening and understanding the design dreams and ideas of our customers. This is where we stand apart from many other remodeling companies. We listen to your needs and desires and then we do everything we can to see to it you get what you’re wanting. Our professionals give you expert design help whenever you need it.

From the beginning, we’ll help you create a design plan that will fit your needs. If you’re preparing for some changes for your home, consider our professional Baldwin Harbor remodeling contractors. We not only provide remodeling, but also do a full line of repairs as well.

Baldwin Harbor Window & Door Replacement Services

If your home has drafty windows you’d rather break than try to open and shut one more time, it’s definitely time to replace them. These old windows simply don’t do enough to protect your home or your belongings from outdoor weather, nor do they provide any security for you or your belongings.

High humidity can seep into the home and cause wood to warp, rot, and other building materials to disintegrate (like the surface of unprotected drywall or popcorn ceilings. If you’ve suffered the cold due to old windows that leak, it’s time to replace them with new energy efficient windows.

Not only can energy escape through cracks and uneven surfaces of an old window, but it can also go right through the cracks underneath and around your old doors.

Sealing up old windows and doors can do little if the windows are single pane or the door not insulated well. Even double pane windows manufactured over about five years ago are less energy efficient than what you can get today. Today’s energy efficient window can save you a great deal in energy costs, but can also add to the value of your home should you decide to sell or want to build equity.

Baldwin Harbor, NY

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