THE BEST WALKWAYS & STEPS in Suffolk County Long Island and the Five Boroughs

Walkways & Steps Remodeling ServicesWhen it comes to improving the look and functionality of your home then it means thinking about who to hire for a walkways and steps contractors. You need to stick with a name you can trust in order to prevent being unhappy with the work or needing repairs soon after. With over 35 years of combined experience in the home renovations business, the remodeling contractors at Renovate Right NY certainly knows how to take care of the homes of local residents here.

By offering our clients the best in quality craftsmanship, products, customer care and unbeatable pricing, we know we can do the best job possible. So when it comes to taking care of your home it is your job to make sure whoever you work with is not cutting corners. While this may “save you money” up front, the money you spend later to fix shoddy work is not worth it.


For the best walkways this means hiring the right pro to create safe walking paths for the exterior of your home. You may have already existing walks that have cracked and crumbled over time. Or maybe you have no pathways and would like to create one. Either way, the team at Renovate Right NY can do this for you. We can meet with you to discuss your options and make sure you are going to like the placement for walks around your home.


When doing a search for steps you will most likely also come across our name. Steps over time can also split and fall apart. This makes your stairs not just unsafe but a liability. Protect your home, yourself and anyone who lives there or comes to visit by having quality steps installed. At Renovate Right NY we pride ourselves on quality workmanship so you never have to worry.

Professional Experts at Your Service

The smartest way to get the best quality work done is to work with a reputable and trusted expert in the industry. In that case Renovate Right NY is the name to call. We always work to make sure each of our clients understands the process and has the final say in anything we do. Plus, after being in business for over three decades you can trust we will still be here if you should ever need repairs.

Contact us today so we can show you why we are the trusted name in the business for walkways and steps.

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